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Reading - Evaluate Author's Purpose

In reading we have been learning to evaluate writer's purposes and consider how they have used structure and language to suit these purposes. (e.g.  I can make decisions about why the writer has written a piece of writing and how they have used particular structures and words to meet their purpose.)

Here is a link to our online modelling book

We have been evaluating how well an author has achieved their purpose based on:
Specific Language choices made by authors.
Specific Structure choices made by authors.

These documents show evidence of my learning during this unit:

Types of  Author's Purpose
Explaining how writers use structure and language to meet their purpose. 
Evaluating Author's purpose 1
Evaluating Author's purpose 2

My Next Step: Is to continue to apply this new knowledge and evaluate texts as I read them, checking to see that the author is meeting their intended purpose.

leadership- showing leaderhip in the classroom- distinction post #4

Recently two of the things that I have been learning about in class are
1. we have been learning about the south west cultural narrative and we have been doing some art around it where we had to draw a picture including at least four aspects from the cultural narrative.

2. in art on Wednesday afternoon we are making a pastel drawing and learning the Technics of pastels.

I have shown the care value Active thinking and I have also shown the leadership trait Goal focused because I have actively thought up good ideas for both of the art projects and I stayed focused to them and soon they will be finished.

leadership- Helping out around the school- distinction post #3

Last week in choir we practiced some songs to get ready for the music festival coming up I am sooooooo excited.

Also that day when I was out in the playground I saw a kid crying and even though I was not helping out in peer mediation I still helped him.

I showed the care value Active thinking and I also showed the ;leadership trait motivational because I actively thought a way to help the kid that was upset and I am continuing to motivate myself to keep practicing my singing for the choir.

Key leadership- meating with Val- distinction post #4

Towards the end of last week we had this person from the Christchurch city council (ccc) come in to talk to all the student leaders because when we visited the ccc we were given and choice to chose a follow up to help the community we chose to paint a electricity box and so val talked to us about the rules and how the process will be done.

I showed the care value community and the leadership trait trustworthy because we are thinking up an idea that will help the community and we are being trusted to execute the idea to  a high standard.

Key leadership-Counting pozis-distinction #3

Last week me and Savannah changed the day we went around to count pozis because it works out way better for the both of us because we no longer go to te hapua
I showed the care value active thinking and I also showed the leadership trait resilience because when me and savanah were stressing about not completing sml on time because we had to count pozis we actively thought up a way to solve the problem.

Key leadership getting my Excellence Badge- Distinction post #2

On Monday There was a whole school assembly I was very excited for this assembly because I was getting my excellence badge I was so excited and proud of myself as was my family because my dad came to my assembly.
I showed the C.A.R.E value Active thinking by actively thinking for topics for all of my blogpost towards my excellence and I showed the leadership trait Motivation by motivating myself to get this badge.

Leadership-Helping around the school Again - Distinction post #2

Yesterday I helped Daniel with peer mediation because none of his peer mediation buddies showed up first we went to the junior area when we help 3 people with issues one of them was these two girls who couldn't agree on a game so me and Daniel solved the problem by giving them more ideas on a new game until they agreed on one.

I shown the C.A.R.E value Active thinking by actively thinking a way to solve the problem and I showed the leadership Trait Motivational by motivating the two girls to be friends and play together.

Leadership-Helping around the school-Distinction post #1

Last week at school I volunteered to help out at fidget spinner club basicly what I had to do was sit up on the stage and keep people from going out back.
The second way I helped around the school was by helping to set up for the welcome back assembly this involve setting out the chairs for the parents and year 7/8 hub.
I showed the C.A.R.E value Community by helping out in the community of Oaklands school and I also showed the leadership Trait Active thinking by actively thinking a way to help out around the school.

key leadership-First week of school term 3-Distinction post #1

Me and Savannah have changed out time that we go around the classes and collect pozis because the old time we had was distracting our learning and the other classes learning so by changing the time we are showing the C.A.R.E value respect by respecting our own and others right to learn I also showed the leadership trait Integrity by being honest and fair to others learning.