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Elections: I would march for Maori Party.

WALT: Write an effective argument for our chosen political party.

“Get on board our waka” do you know what this means? To me Maori Party's catch phrase is inviting you to join there group (waka) by voting for them in the upcoming election I am going to join it. I am going to tell you about the three most important policies Maori Party has claimed to achieve if they win the election, the policies are all to do with justice, safety, and health the three things that are most important to me. I will start off by telling you about the policies to do with health.

Make doctor and dentists visits free for under 18 years of age This will be good for the health of children and teens, It will include after hours and weekends. One of the reason I believe this is a good policy is because Kids and teens get sick and hurt a lot more than adults. Also, have you seen some of the cost the parents already have to spend a lot of money on there kids. The Maori party is not just worried about doctor visit…

Scales, timetables and Charts

Scales, timetables and Charts

In Maths we have been learning to interpret and use scales, timetables and charts.

Here is a link to our online modelling book.

These are the activities that I have completed as part of this learning. Working with Data Home Run The heat is on Scale of events Gigantic Jumbo You can find evidence of the two tasks below in my maths book.

When and weather Roundabout Rugby
My next Step is to apply the new knowledge that I have gained to real life situations eg using airport/bus timetables.

Koru Games Reflection

Koru Games Reflection

In the Koru Games the sport I competed in was girls volleyball.

Our team came in 8th place out of 24 teams.

I found the experience to be great fun because even though we didn't win we got to make new friends and hangout with them.

In terms of working with Individuals and Groups; my solo level is extended abstract because I was a part of my group an I contributed in any way I could.

For Teamwork; my solo level is extended abstract because we had great teamwork, great sportsmen ship and at the same time we had a lot of fun.

Individuals and groups

Key leadership- My last leadership blog post- Distinction post #10

I am very excited as I have finally blogged enough to receive my distinction badge after all of the blog posts I am very proud of myself and this adventure I have taken in leadership. Doing these many blogs has made me realize how much leadership I show in everyday situations and how showing leadership can make a big positive impact to you surroundings I hope I can continue showing leadership in everyday situations even though I will stop blogging about it.

I can not wait to receive my final leadership badge in the next school hui I have shown

.Active thinking

.Active thinker
.Goal focused

Through out my leadership that I provide at oaklands school everyday

Leadership-Band and choir practice-Distinction post #10

Band: The band was supposed to play next Monday at team hui but then Emily (our drum player) informed us that she is flying over seas that day so were were stuck but then we showed active thinking by thinking up a great idea so tomorrow at morning tea we are going to film song and show the video instead.
On Wednesday day the choir is going to Shirley High School to practice out songs for the music festival I am so excited The whole choir is showing to be goal focused as we are all focused on the goal of doing our best at the music festival.

key leadership-best Assembly yet-distinction post #9

Today me and Savannah presented house points at assembly today was great because today everyone was getting involved and joining in also when we put our hand up to ask them to show 5 they did so quickly this made me feel happy and respected.

I showed active thinking by putting my hand up to get there attention quickly I also showed resilience for all of those times where everyone was noisy and it didn't go so well.

Leadership- band and getting involved at lunch time- distinction post #9

Today at lunchtime I attended band practice as we are getting ready to preform in assembly I am singing with Elizabeth, Emily is on the drums, Maddy and Ashley are on the guitars and Hugo is on keyboard We are doing the song believer by imagine dragons.

How I got involved at morning tea time, At morning tea time a played a great big game of predator with my friends (predator is kind of like hide and seek) I got involved by finding an appropriate task to do.

I showed community by being a part of the community of oaklands school by getting involved and I showed goal focused by focusing toward the goal of the band preforming.

Key leadership- counting pozis- distinction post #8

On Friday after morning tea me and sav (Savannah) went around counting and collecting pozis it took a bit longer because none of the classes had counted the pozis before hand but me and sav stayed resilient to the situation and still counted no matter what.

Leadership-Helping to set up the quiz night- Distinction post #8

Last Friday I helped out in the hall to get everything set up for the quiz night first me and Elizabeth (my friend) were sent to go get tables from other rooms this task was very hard as the tables were very heavy but we showed resilience by continuing and not complaining.

Next, On Thursday at technology I finished my textiles passport ( a textiles passport is a piece of cardboard that you get stamps if you do special tasks or workshops.) and I made a little pouch for my phone.

Science badge- home learning challenge distinction #5

I have completed another task towards my science badge
Task: Write a poem about animals you have met before.

Two golden retrievers
I know a dog called Max and a dog called Jenna the two are quite alike. They are both brother and sister that love to go for a great long hike. They play fetch during the day cuddle at night If you ever meet these dogs you will find them a delight.

Science badge- home learning challenge distinction #4

I have completed another Task towards my science badge.

task:Trial 3 different brands of cat food

The cat food I used for this experiment.
The winner Must be the second one as it is in both of my cats top
two favourites.

Science badge- home learning challenge distinction #3

I have completed another Task towards my science badge.

Task:Describe an interesting investigation you have heard about involving a farm animal e.g breeding, health, feeding methods, etc.

Battery Chickens There has been a lot of concern about the health and safety of the chickens being farmed today. This is bad for the chickens heath as they have no room to move about And they are treated poorly.

Science badge- home learning challenge distinction #2

I have completed Task towards my science badge.
Task:Find out what makes mammals different from other animals.

Mammals are warm blooded animals that gives birth and provide milk for its young. Fun fact: A platypus is the only mammal that lays an egg.

Mammals can be in the wild.
Mammals can be in you House.
And Mammals can be in the ocean.

Some mammals even carry their young in there pouch for a while these mammals are called marsupials. e.g Kangaroo, Koala, Wombat, and Opossum.

Science badge- home learning challenge distinction #1

Here is another task that I have done towards my science badge.
Task: compare a domestic animal with its wild counterpart
Domestic animal: Kune kune pig A Kune Kune Pig is a domestic species of pig commonly found on farms and kept as pets.
Wild counterpart: Wild boar A Wild boar is also a species of pig often found in the bush these pigs are commonly hunted for their meat and the small tusks.
Compare the life of a domestic animal with its wild counterpart

Differences 🐽Wild boars find their own food in the wild. 🐽Wild boars can run free in the bush. 🐽A Wild boar is known to be defensive when approached
🐽Kune kunes are fed by their owners. 🐽Kune kunes live in an enclosed space. 🐽Kune kunes are known to be tame.
Similarities 🐽They       both from     the pig family 🐽They both don't
Eat meat.

Letter Writing

In Writing we have been learning to: Write a formal letter.

We have followed the writing process and have planned and drafted a formal letter.

Here is a link to our online Modelling book. This shows the process that we have followed.

Here is the letter that I have writtendraft of my letter

Here is my reflection on the letter writing that we have done. reflection of my letter

One thing that I found challenging about writing formal letters was making sure that my language was specific.
My next step is: look for more opportunities to put my letter writing knowledge into practice in the future.

Leadersip - helpint out with the teleant show - destinction post #7

Last week Mr Rule asked me to help him judge the talent show so I said yes Is was Great fun.
Band practice- on Monday we had another practice with the band and we will be preforming soon.

I showed community by helping out in the community of Oaklands school.

Key leadership- back to normal routine-distinction post #7

This week me and Savannah have to do more pozis because last week we didn't do the senior end as it was to rainy and we did not want to get the computers wet. So this week me a Savannah are going to split of a do a class each to get it done quicker.

I showed active thinking by thinking my way out of two different problems.

leadership: choir and technology : distinction post #6

This morning at choir we did a complete run through of all the song that we are singing in the music festival. also yesterday at technology (I am in textiles and design)  and I made some cards for my dad for fathers day and I also made a bag for my mum.
I showed active thinking by thinking ahead for upcoming events (fathers day) and fixing the problem by making something.

leadership: Choir and band :Post distinction #5

Last Friday at choir we went over a song/ 2 songs mixed called In the bleak mid winter mixed with winter wonderland I like this song because it is a great song to listen to and not to hard to sing and then on Monday I went to my first band practice (i am singing) we are doing believer by imagine dragons.
I am showing community by being part of the community of two groups.

key leadership: counting pozis :post distinction #6

Today me and Savannah have decided to only count the junior pozis today because it is pouring down with rain and the senior end doesn't really have that many pozis anyway so we will just count them next week.

Key leadership: chorus box : post distinction #5

Very soon we are going to be painting a chorus box as a part of taking away graffiti on the streets
As part of planing this we had to submit our ideas onto a google classroom
 my idea was "Oakland's in graffiti font and make Christchurch great again in graffiti font"

cultural narrative art

Reading - Evaluate Author's Purpose

In reading we have been learning to evaluate writer's purposes and consider how they have used structure and language to suit these purposes. (e.g.  I can make decisions about why the writer has written a piece of writing and how they have used particular structures and words to meet their purpose.)

Here is a link to our online modelling book

We have been evaluating how well an author has achieved their purpose based on:
Specific Language choices made by authors.
Specific Structure choices made by authors.

These documents show evidence of my learning during this unit:

Types of  Author's Purpose
Explaining how writers use structure and language to meet their purpose. 
Evaluating Author's purpose 1
Evaluating Author's purpose 2

My Next Step: Is to continue to apply this new knowledge and evaluate texts as I read them, checking to see that the author is meeting their intended purpose.

leadership- showing leaderhip in the classroom- distinction post #4

Recently two of the things that I have been learning about in class are
1. we have been learning about the south west cultural narrative and we have been doing some art around it where we had to draw a picture including at least four aspects from the cultural narrative.

2. in art on Wednesday afternoon we are making a pastel drawing and learning the Technics of pastels.

I have shown the care value Active thinking and I have also shown the leadership trait Goal focused because I have actively thought up good ideas for both of the art projects and I stayed focused to them and soon they will be finished.

leadership- Helping out around the school- distinction post #3

Last week in choir we practiced some songs to get ready for the music festival coming up I am sooooooo excited.

Also that day when I was out in the playground I saw a kid crying and even though I was not helping out in peer mediation I still helped him.

I showed the care value Active thinking and I also showed the ;leadership trait motivational because I actively thought a way to help the kid that was upset and I am continuing to motivate myself to keep practicing my singing for the choir.

Key leadership- meating with Val- distinction post #4

Towards the end of last week we had this person from the Christchurch city council (ccc) come in to talk to all the student leaders because when we visited the ccc we were given and choice to chose a follow up to help the community we chose to paint a electricity box and so val talked to us about the rules and how the process will be done.

I showed the care value community and the leadership trait trustworthy because we are thinking up an idea that will help the community and we are being trusted to execute the idea to  a high standard.

Key leadership-Counting pozis-distinction #3

Last week me and Savannah changed the day we went around to count pozis because it works out way better for the both of us because we no longer go to te hapua
I showed the care value active thinking and I also showed the leadership trait resilience because when me and savanah were stressing about not completing sml on time because we had to count pozis we actively thought up a way to solve the problem.

Key leadership getting my Excellence Badge- Distinction post #2

On Monday There was a whole school assembly I was very excited for this assembly because I was getting my excellence badge I was so excited and proud of myself as was my family because my dad came to my assembly.
I showed the C.A.R.E value Active thinking by actively thinking for topics for all of my blogpost towards my excellence and I showed the leadership trait Motivation by motivating myself to get this badge.

Leadership-Helping around the school Again - Distinction post #2

Yesterday I helped Daniel with peer mediation because none of his peer mediation buddies showed up first we went to the junior area when we help 3 people with issues one of them was these two girls who couldn't agree on a game so me and Daniel solved the problem by giving them more ideas on a new game until they agreed on one.

I shown the C.A.R.E value Active thinking by actively thinking a way to solve the problem and I showed the leadership Trait Motivational by motivating the two girls to be friends and play together.

Leadership-Helping around the school-Distinction post #1

Last week at school I volunteered to help out at fidget spinner club basicly what I had to do was sit up on the stage and keep people from going out back.
The second way I helped around the school was by helping to set up for the welcome back assembly this involve setting out the chairs for the parents and year 7/8 hub.
I showed the C.A.R.E value Community by helping out in the community of Oaklands school and I also showed the leadership Trait Active thinking by actively thinking a way to help out around the school.

key leadership-First week of school term 3-Distinction post #1

Me and Savannah have changed out time that we go around the classes and collect pozis because the old time we had was distracting our learning and the other classes learning so by changing the time we are showing the C.A.R.E value respect by respecting our own and others right to learn I also showed the leadership trait Integrity by being honest and fair to others learning.

Term 2 Novel Study

This term I have been reading and studying the novel Run by Linda Aksomitis I found this novel interesting because of all the different thing happening in it at one time it makes me want to read more.

During the novel I had to complete a thinking map which shows that I can classify how the author has shown the theme of the book.

National Standard this covers

Year 7/8  Standard I can identify and evaluate the way writers’ use language and ideas to suit their purpose and I can use my growing wide range of academic and content-specific vocabulary to understand texts.

Overall I would give this novel a rating of  10/10and I would recommend it to others to read because I is a great book to read if you like to learn about polio and because It make you want to read on and on.

40 book challenge- term 2

The best book that I read last term was username regenerated. This book involves the characters Evie, her dad and her mum. The story is about a portal to a new place that Evies dad created for Evie to go when she feels stressed but in the making there was a malfunction and Evies mum got stuck there now Evie has to go on a mission into this world to retrieve her mum but she may face some difficult challenges along the way. I recommend this book if you like adventures and fantasy books.