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I can make links across texts by recognising connectives or adverbial clauses

I can make links across texts by recognising connectives or adverbial clauses

In this unit learnt about connectives and how the contribute to a sentince and I learnt about what an adverbial clause it and how to put them into a sentice.

A connective is a joing word that can be used in the middle of two sentices to join them or at the start of the two sentence but put a commer where they should go a few exaples of a connective are: Because, after, meanwhile, and, As soon as.

An adverbial clause is The bit of informatin before a commor (but not on lists) an exaple is: After herold ate dinner, he went to bed.
Here is a link to a compare and contrast map of an adverbial clause and a connective
My map

Key leadership visiting the council excellence post #5

Yesterday all of the student leaders went on a great trip to the Christchurch City Council. First we walked down to catch the bus and bused all the way into town. When we got there a nice girl called Celia introduced herself to us and told us all about the builds and the the Whenua (totem pole) that was outside. Then we all went inside to this presentation room where Celia guided us through this cool presentation about what the CCC does for the community. Not to soon after we all broke into different groups and went with an expert from a different department of the CCC. Alex, Tracy and I went with this nice lady named Kelly she worked in park recreation and sports oragnising her job was to organise all the different sports team/tournaments with a park to play in. Once we had finished that we went back to the presentation room to have some food to eat. After we ate Celia gave us this supper fun activity about budgeting. After that we went up to the chamber it was so much fun.


Home learning challenge-excellence post #2

Date:17/5/17 Last Sunday I did the home learning challenge C9. Attend a community event with your family e.g Sparks in the park, A&P show. went to Hagley park to do the mothers day fun walk for the heart foundation I think i showed community by giving it my best in the community of Christchurch.

Leadership-helping around the school and contributing to activitys-excellence post #3

Date: 17/5/17
Today at lunch one of the peer mediators came up to me and asked me to do a duty with her I said yes because I had nothing else to do we walked around for a bit then someone came up to us and asked if we could help him find someone to play with we said yes and we asked some near by people if he could join in jump rope with them

Throughout this week we have been doing a dance program this program is super fun and we have a great teacher called Dean we are learning Hip Hop and Jive and I have been trying my hardest.

Overall I think I have shown the care value community by contributing to the community of Oaklands school, I also showed resilience by giving up my lunch time to help the peer mediators.

key leadership- counting pozis-excellence post #4

Date: 17/5/17
On Friday me and Savannah went around to count pozis we normally do it on a Thursday but we did it on a Friday because we had something to do on Thursday. Me and Savannah now have a plan of with class rooms we go to first so on so that we don't interrupt much learning first we go to the year 6 hub then year 5 hub so on right to the new entrance hub.

Me and Savannah showed active thinking  by figuring a way to go around the classroom without disrupting learning, We also show trust worthy by being trusted to count the Pozis and enter the right data.

Leadership around the school and E.O.T.C -Excellence blog post #2

12/5/17 On Monday the senior choir had a performance in front of the school at an assembly we sang How far i'll go and africa this was fun because we had practised heaps for this.

Then yesterday I went to technology. At technology I am in food tech and we made cupcakes.
I showed active thinking by actively thinking my way out of a problem at foodtec because we god given the wrong size measuring cup so I nicely asked the teach for the right one, I also showed goal focused because as a group the choir worked hard toward out goal of sounding great and we achieved it.

Key leadership-Pozis at cross country-Excellence blog post #3

12/5/17 On Monday we went down to cross country at Westlake Park. Me and Savannah decided we would take down 4 different coloured buckets to represent each of the houses because all of the people showing great effort would get a pozi and put it in there house colour bucket.
When we got down there I handed out handfuls of pozis to all the teachers. Me and Savannah had to keep an eye on the bucketts and every now and then when Savannah was watching the buckets I went to cheer on some of the other people in the races.
I think I showed community by helping out at Westlake Park which is part of our community, I showed trust worthy because I was able to be trusted with handing out pozis to people.