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Hosting assembly and planing a lesson to teach the buddies showing comunity-merit blog post #3

On Monday Mr Muller asked who would like to volunteer to host the kauri assembly and I decided to volunteer. at morning tea everyone got there part mine was about the waiata  I personally think I did really well and I was confident. I showed community by contributing to the community in an assembly.
Also on Friday Mr Ladbrook split the buddy group in half one half took a lesson and the other planed I was in the planing half. Our focus was to teach the buddies games with no or little equipment Jacinta was my buddy and we decided to chose sneak up granny as our game. I showed Active thinking by getting the work done on time and thinking about things like what games with the buddies understand and what games will the buddies enjoy.

Home learning challenge-Merit blog post #1

Blog post about my research on Emund Hillary.

Key leadership-Big leader lesson-showing active thinking-Merit post #2

Last week all of the leaders split into there groups Pals, Peer Mediators, Librarian And Student Leaders.
I am a student leader so I went with all so the student leaders.
First we watched Two videos explaining ways to help make a difference to our school I learnt that things like playing games on the field at lunch and organizing fundraisers.
Then we had to fill out a sheet on what we want to do to make a difference to Oaklands me and Savannah came up with make a google slide to present a assembly and make it fun so everyone enjoys it. A little while after Some of the leaders made a video about the 6 leadership traits are  Integrity, Goal Focused, Trustworthy, Active Thinker, Resilient and Motivational I showed active thinking by speaking proudly in the video and making a google slide for assembly.

Leadership-Vocal lessons, showing community by contributing-merit blog post #2

Last Friday  Lizzy, Jacinta, Dabok and I went down to the radio room to atend our first vocals lesson with we signed up for on the first week of school.
We had this really nice teacher who taught us some cool and weird tricks to help our singing improve and she gave us some songs to practice.

Also on Friday after morning tea The year 7/8 hub split into the groups
.Garden to table
.Buddy programme
.Te Hapua
I was in buddy programme and we went over to the juniors classroom and were given a few juniors to interact with I was a great role model to the year ones by taking them out for a game and encouraging them on the playground.

Leadership-Helping to set up the hall and keep kids away from broken glass-Merit post #1

On Monday I showed excellence by taking time out of my lunchtime to help Mr Muller set up the hall for a welcome back assembly. I also showed initiative by getting stuck in and helping place the chairs. once we finished I headed outside with my friends where we spotted glass by the middle school playground and told Mr Ladbrook so he asked us to stand around the glass to stop juniors from stepping on it and hurting themselves while Mr Ladbrook got Mr Rush to clean it up.

Key Leadership-My first Student leader meetings this week-merit post #1

Showing respect and practising to be a great leader. 3/2/17

On Wednesday we had Miss Mcloud take us for a meeting she let us read two chapters of this really cool booklet on leadership and then wrote down on a stickey note something we wanted to change about ourselfs to be a better leader I showed honesty and active thinking and said that I need to be more fun and out going and I need to role model positive actions and the C.A.R.E values.

Today all the student leaders go together for a meating I showed respect by listening to Mr Ladbrook talking to us and giveing us tips on being a good leader. then we quitly read over our job disciptions to ourselfs so we wouldnt disteb everyone. Once everyone completed reading Mr Ladbrook ansered all our question I was showing good contribuing by asking him witch teacher was in charge of house points.