Key Leadership-My first Student leader meetings this week-merit post #1

Showing respect and practising to be a great leader. 3/2/17

On Wednesday we had Miss Mcloud take us for a meeting she let us read two chapters of this really cool booklet on leadership and then wrote down on a stickey note something we wanted to change about ourselfs to be a better leader I showed honesty and active thinking and said that I need to be more fun and out going and I need to role model positive actions and the C.A.R.E values.

Today all the student leaders go together for a meating I showed respect by listening to Mr Ladbrook talking to us and giveing us tips on being a good leader. then we quitly read over our job disciptions to ourselfs so we wouldnt disteb everyone. Once everyone completed reading Mr Ladbrook ansered all our question I was showing good contribuing by asking him witch teacher was in charge of house points.


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