Key leadership-Going around and counting pozis- Excellence blog post #1

Today after school me and Savanah went around all the classrooms to collect pozis as a part of our weekly duty as house points co-ordinators. Me and savanah have a system in place where we go to the class rooms in order so we don't disturb any important lessons. First we go to two of the year 6 classes the year 5 then 4,3,2,1 reception then the other year 6 class class. I think me and Savanah are doing really well at our duty we get it done quicker each time.
 Me and savanah show active thinking and community by activly thinking our way aound the classroomes and showing community by helping the comunity of oaklands school by not interupting the important lessons, I also showed Integrity by being honest and fair to all houses and giveing them all a chance to win.


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