Key Leadership-exciting leadership meating-Merit post #3

On Monday the 27/2/17 Mr Ladbrook took all of the student leaders in a meeting. Everyone got a chair and we formed a circle. This meeting was a very exciting meeting because Mr Ladbrook said that all of the student leaders as well as the Head pals and Peer Mediators will be going on a school field trip to the council.
This is really exciting news because I have never been to the council before. After all that news Mr Ladbrook asked if Savannah and I could come to school a bit early the next day to soft out and organise some stuff to do with house point co-coordinating.

The next day Savannah and I came to school early. First we sent the google slide we made to Mr Ladbrook for him to say weather it is good e for assembly then Mr Ladbrook ask me if I could sent out an email to inform all the teachers about when me a savannah will come to their class to collect there pozis.


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