Home learning challenge #4

My science badge so far, Here is a few things That I have made and done so far to work towards getting my science badge.  

You had to write a poem abot a pet you  own.

Poem about my cat Petal
I have a pet feline, who I find quite divine
I fed her I hug her and what does she give me, A loud meow in the morning as her hungry plea.
Her energy levels are high, when she runs its like she can fly.
Petal is so sweet, to have her it is a treat.

Another one of the tasks was to write a short peice of text about a story you have heard involving farm animals.

Battery Chickens
There has been a lot of concern
about the health and safety of the chickens being farmed today. This is bad for the chickens heath as they have no room to move about And they are treated poorly.
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